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Could Mulberry Extract Be the Elusive Holy Grail of Obesity Cures?

Image: Eric | Flickr The secret to safely and naturally curing obesity may just be found in the fruits and leaves of a tree native to central Asia but commonly planted in Northeastern United States.As obesity spreads its fingers far and wide, scientists scramble to find an easy solution that can promote weight loss and […]


Struggling with Your Diet? Your Brain is Your Best Weapon

When it comes to saying no to a crème-filled donut and staying on your diet, your best bet may be having a good amount of white matter in your brain.A team of researchers has discovered that the structure of your brain may be the key to succeeding with your diet. The researchers say that ample […]


Skipping Breakfast Might Be Good for You After All

Image: Tella Chen | Flickr The most important meal of the day may not be the most important meal of the day after all. That’s according to a new small study that explores the effect of eating breakfast on your appetite.Researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania looked into how eating or not eating […]